CSSLoader Loads StyleSheet (CSS) data.
 DataLoader Loads generic data which can be text (the default), binary data, or URL-encoded variables.
 ImageLoader Loads an image file (png, jpg, or gif) and automatically applies smoothing by default.
 LoaderMax In its simplest form, a LoaderMax provides a way to group a sequence of loaders together and report their progress as a whole.
 LoaderStatus Defines status values for loaders.
 MP3Loader Loads an MP3 audio file and also provides convenient playback methods and properties like pauseSound(), playSound(), gotoSoundTime(), playProgress, volume, soundPaused, duration, and soundTime.
 SelfLoader Tracks the loading progress of the swf in which the loader resides (basically a simple tool for tracking the loaderInfo's progress).
 SWFLoader Loads a swf file and automatically searches for active loaders in that swf that have the requireWithRoot vars property set to that swf's root.
 VideoLoader Loads an FLV, F4V, or MP4 video file using a NetStream and also provides convenient playback methods and properties like pauseVideo(), playVideo(), gotoVideoTime(), bufferProgress, playProgress, volume, duration, videoPaused, metaData, and videoTime.
 XMLLoader Loads an XML file and automatically searches it for LoaderMax-related nodes like <LoaderMax>, <ImageLoader>, <SWFLoader>, <XMLLoader>, <DataLoader> <CSSLoader>, <MP3Loader>, etc.; if it finds any, it will create the necessary instances and begin loading them if they have a load="true" attribute.