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x — Property in class com.greensock.TweenProxy
x — Property in class com.greensock.data.TransformAroundPointVars
x — Property in class com.greensock.layout.AutoFitArea
x — Property in class com.greensock.loading.data.core.DisplayObjectLoaderVars
Sets the ContentDisplay's x property (for positioning on the stage).
x — Property in class com.greensock.motionPaths.MotionPath
XMLLoader — Class in package com.greensock.loading
Loads an XML file and automatically searches it for LoaderMax-related nodes like <LoaderMax>, <ImageLoader>, <SWFLoader>, <XMLLoader>, <DataLoader> <CSSLoader>, <MP3Loader>, etc.; if it finds any, it will create the necessary instances and begin loading them if they have a load="true" attribute.
XMLLoader(urlOrRequest, vars) — Constructor in class com.greensock.loading.XMLLoader
XMLLoaderVars — Dynamic class in package com.greensock.loading.data
Can be used instead of a generic object to define the vars parameter of an XMLLoader's constructor.
XMLLoaderVars(name, estimatedBytes, onComplete, onProgress, onFail, noCache, alternateURL, requireWithRoot) — Constructor in class com.greensock.loading.data.XMLLoaderVars
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