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name — Property in class com.greensock.core.PropTween
Alias to associate with the PropTween which is typically the same as the property, but can be different, particularly for plugins.
name — Property in class com.greensock.easing.RoughEase
name of the RoughEase instance
name — Property in class com.greensock.loading.core.LoaderCore
A name that you use to identify the loader instance.
name — Property in class com.greensock.loading.data.core.LoaderCoreVars
A name that is used to identify the loader instance.
netStatus — Event in class com.greensock.loading.VideoLoader
Dispatched when the netStream dispatches a NET_STATUS event.
netStream — Property in class com.greensock.loading.VideoLoader
The NetStream object used to load the video
nextNode — Property in class com.greensock.core.PropTween
Next PropTween in the linked list
noCache — Property in class com.greensock.loading.data.core.LoaderItemVars
If true, a "cacheBusterID" parameter will be appended to the url with a random set of numbers to prevent caching (don't worry, this info is ignored when you LoaderMax.getLoader() or LoaderMax.getContent() by url or when you're running locally).
NONE — Constant static property in class com.greensock.OverwriteManager
Won't overwrite any other tweens
NONE — Constant static property in class com.greensock.layout.ScaleMode
Does not scale the object at all
NORMAL — Constant static property in class com.greensock.TweenAlign
numChildren — Property in class com.greensock.loading.LoaderMax
Number of child loaders currently contained in the LoaderMax instance (does not include deeply nested loaders - only children).
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