AutoAlphaPlugin Tweening "autoAlpha" is exactly the same as tweening an object's "alpha" except that it ensures that the object's "visible" property is true until autoAlpha reaches zero at which point it will toggle the "visible" property to false.
 BevelFilterPlugin Tweens a BevelFilter.
 BezierPlugin Bezier tweening allows you to tween in a non-linear way.
 BezierThroughPlugin Identical to bezier except that instead of defining bezier control point values, you define points through which the bezier values should move.
 BlurFilterPlugin Tweens a BlurFilter.
 CacheAsBitmapPlugin Forces the cacheAsBitmap property of a DisplayObject to be a certain value (true or false) during the tween and then sets it back to whatever it was before the tween was rendered for the first time.
 CirclePath2DPlugin Tweens an object along a CirclePath2D motion path in any direction (clockwise, counter-clockwise, or shortest).
 ColorMatrixFilterPlugin ColorMatrixFilter tweening offers an easy way to tween a DisplayObject's saturation, hue, contrast, brightness, and colorization.
 ColorTransformPlugin Ever wanted to tween ColorTransform properties of a DisplayObject to do advanced effects like overexposing, altering the brightness or setting the percent/amount of tint? Or maybe tween individual ColorTransform properties like redMultiplier, redOffset, blueMultiplier, blueOffset, etc.
 DropShadowFilterPlugin Tweens a DropShadowFilter.
 DynamicPropsPlugin If you'd like to tween something to a destination value that may change at any time, DynamicPropsPlugin allows you to simply associate a function with a property so that every time the tween is rendered, it calls that function to get the new destination value for the associated property.
 EndArrayPlugin Tweens numbers in an Array.
 EndVectorPlugin Tweens numbers in an Vector..
 FastTransformPlugin Slightly faster way to change a DisplayObject's x, y, scaleX, scaleY, and rotation value(s).
 FilterPlugin Base class for all filter plugins (like blurFilter, colorMatrixFilter, glowFilter, etc.).
 FrameBackwardPlugin Tweens a MovieClip backward to a particular frame number, wrapping it if/when it reaches the beginning of the timeline.
 FrameForwardPlugin Tweens a MovieClip forward to a particular frame number, wrapping it if/when it reaches the end of the timeline.
 FrameLabelPlugin Tweens a MovieClip to a particular frame label.
 FramePlugin Tweens a MovieClip to a particular frame number.
 GlowFilterPlugin Tweens a GlowFilter.
 HexColorsPlugin Although hex colors are technically numbers, if you try to tween them conventionally, you'll notice that they don't tween smoothly.
 LiquidPositionPlugin If you're using LiquidStage and you'd like to tween a DisplayObject to coordinates that are relative to a particular PinPoint (like the CENTER) whose position may change at any time, LiquidPositionPlugin makes it easy by dynamically updating the destination values accordingly.
 MotionBlurPlugin MotionBlurPlugin provides an easy way to apply a directional blur to a DisplayObject based on its velocity and angle of movement in 2D (x/y).
 Physics2DPlugin Provides simple physics functionality for tweening a DisplayObject's x and y coordinates based on a combination of velocity, angle, gravity, acceleration, accelerationAngle, and/or friction.
 PhysicsPropsPlugin Sometimes you want to tween a property (or several) but you don't have a specific end value in mind - instead, you'd rather describe the movement in terms of physics concepts, like velocity, acceleration, and/or friction.
 QuaternionsPlugin Performs SLERP interpolation between 2 Quaternions.
 RemoveTintPlugin Removes the tint of a DisplayObject over time.
 RoundPropsPlugin If you'd like the inbetween values in a tween to always get rounded to the nearest integer, use the roundProps special property.
 ScalePlugin ScalePlugin combines scaleX and scaleY into one "scale" property.
 ScrollRectPlugin Tweens the scrollRect property of a DisplayObject.
 SetActualSizePlugin Some components require resizing with setActualSize() instead of standard tweens of width/height in order to scale properly.
 SetSizePlugin Some components require resizing with setSize() instead of standard tweens of width/height in order to scale properly.
 ShortRotationPlugin To tween any rotation property of the target object in the shortest direction, use "shortRotation" For example, if myObject.rotation is currently 170 degrees and you want to tween it to -170 degrees, a normal rotation tween would travel a total of 340 degrees in the counter-clockwise direction, but if you use shortRotation, it would travel 20 degrees in the clockwise direction instead.
 SoundTransformPlugin Tweens properties of an object's soundTransform property (like the volume, pan, leftToRight, etc.
 StageQualityPlugin Sets the stage's quality to a particular value during a tween and another value after the tween which can be useful for improving rendering performance in the Flash Player while things are animating.


import com.greensock.TweenLite;
import com.greensock.plugins.TweenPlugin;
import com.greensock.plugins.StageQualityPlugin;
import flash.display.StageQuality;
TweenPlugin.activate([StageQualityPlugin]); //activation is permanent in the SWF, so this line only needs to be run once., 1, {x:100, stageQuality:{stage:this.stage, during:StageQuality.LOW, after:StageQuality.HIGH}});

Copyright 2010, GreenSock.
 TintPlugin To change a DisplayObject's tint/color, set this to the hex value of the tint you'd like to end up at (or begin at if you're using TweenMax.from()).
 TransformAroundCenterPlugin Normally, all transformations (scale, rotation, and position) are based on the DisplayObject's registration point (most often its upper left corner), but TransformAroundCenter allows you to make the transformations occur around the DisplayObject's center.
 TransformAroundPointPlugin Normally, all transformations (scale, rotation, and position) are based on the DisplayObject's registration point (most often its upper left corner), but TransformAroundPoint allows you to define ANY point around which transformations will occur during the tween.
 TransformMatrixPlugin TransformMatrixPlugin allows you to tween a DisplayObject's transform.matrix values directly (a, b, c, d, tx, and ty) or use common properties like x, y, scaleX, scaleY, skewX, skewY, rotation and even shortRotation.
 TweenPlugin TweenPlugin is the base class for all TweenLite/TweenMax plugins.
 VisiblePlugin Toggles the visibility at the end of a tween.
 VolumePlugin Tweens the volume of an object with a soundTransform property (MovieClip/SoundChannel/NetStream, etc.).