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Basic Questions to ask Residential Treatment Programs

Name of Facility___________________________________________

Contact person ____________________________________________

Phone number _____________

Ages Served _________

Locked __________ Unlocked ____________

Do you currently have space available? _____

What is the average length of stay in your facility?

Does your program have a mechanism or procedure that will demonstrate and document that residents are more mature and more responsible when they leave than when they arrived?

If a resident child appears not to be appropriate for your facility, does a staff member at your facility find, or assist in finding a more appropriate placement?

Do residents in your facility know whether they are making progress or not? How?

Are families of residents involved in the residential experience of their child? How? How often?

Do the children in your care go to school on campus at a non-public school, or off campus?

Does your program provide aftercare?

Do you have a program for training of new on-site staff? Do you provide your staff with on-going training?

How often will my child participate in therapeutic group sessions?

How often will my child get individual therapy sessions?

How are the parents or family involved in therapy or therapeutic assisted visitation with the child?

Is there an initial timer period where the family is asked not to contact the child?

Who would be my contact here regarding concerns for my child? Would this be a social worker, therapist, director, or all of these dependent on my concerns or questions?

What are the visitation privileges or rules?

What are the child's privileges regarding home calls or home visits? Are these dependent upon behavior?

What forms or approvals are required to place a child there?

Do you currently have a vacancy for this child?

What would be the next step?

Non-Profit Yes ____