AlignMode Provides constants for defining the alignment of objects.
 AutoFitArea AutoFitArea allows you to define a rectangular area and then attach() DisplayObjects so that they automatically fill the area, scaling/stretching in any of the following modes: STRETCH, PROPORTIONAL_INSIDE, PROPORTIONAL_OUTSIDE, NONE, WIDTH_ONLY, or HEIGHT_ONLY.
 DynamicPinPoint Sometimes it's useful to have a PinPoint base its coordinates on some custom criteria, like the edge of another DisplayObject or the center of an object whose width/height changes frequently, so DynamicPinPoint allows you to associate a function (one you define) that returns a Point instance that will determine the DynamicPinPoint's x/y values.
 LiquidArea LiquidArea is an AutoFitArea that integrates with LiquidStage, automatically adjusting its size whenever the stage is resized.
 LiquidStage LiquidStage allows you to "pin" DisplayObjects to reference points on the stage (or inside other DisplayObjects) so that when the stage is resized, they are repositioned and maintain their relative distance from the PinPoint.
 PinPoint PinPoint works with LiquidStage to create reference points on the stage and/or inside DisplayObjects so that the movement of these PinPoints trickles down and affects the position of attached DisplayObjects.
 ScaleMode Provides constants for defining how objects should scale/stretch to fit within an area (like a LiquidArea or AutoFitArea).